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Hey There, 

"When I realized POVERTY  was my choice, I come to understand I can also choose ABUNDANCE" 

How  I Quantum leap Into Financial  Abundance in 24 Hours Using LOA

I use to think, I was destined to be poor. I mean why else would have achieved success and lost it all. That use to be my thoughts process. 


After I lost my home care business in 2014,  my 49-year-old mother transitioned the following year, I became pregnant the next year, and shortly after I became homeless. I made life way harder than it needs to be and I am sucked at accepting any type of help. While in my distorted self-destructive pattern, of course, I call myself self-sufficient while I was battling three huge demons, co-dependency, poverty mindset and consciousness, and my need to control everything..

As if being poor was not enough I had added guests in my mind,  not paying rent, but; occupied a whole lot of space. I felt trapped in my own body, my own thoughts, and I was planning to take out my own life

I became toxic to myself and toxic to people around me. My husband, tired of my antic left just 4 weeks after welcoming our son to the world. 

Buckle up buttercup I was in for a whirlwind romance with

  • breastfeeding on an empty stomach

  • having to choose to buy diapers  or buy deodorant

  • scrapping up to pay my sublease room or replace my holes in clothes and shoes, or formulating my excuses for being late one month in advance

  • Walking five miles to get groceries rain or shy to have $10 left to thrift a pair of jeans

You would think it was obvious to get a job or get some government help, but how with no proof of income? who would watch my son, again, why not child support? in my situation getting $300/month would hurt more than helping because in my sick mind all the gifts I had been manifesting would disappear. I did not have the capacity to receive more than I was receiving,

If you are tempted to judge me just wait a darn second :)  because in the midst of this chaos something magical happened. 

  • I remembered that I have dominion over my choices

  • I get what I prepared for

  • I attract the thoughts I think and vibrate at this exact level too

  • I remembered how to use my discernment

  • I remembered that I can speak prosperity or lack into existence

  • I remembered my higher self and ego

  • I remembered there is a supply for every demand 

  • I remembered trust, faith, vision, and total surrender

Everything that was happening in my life was my choice. I remember this exact moment on June 26th, 2018 the eve of my son's first birthday.  I was upset, nope; pissed off because where is my son's prince birthday party? It was like a lightbulb went off. YOU CHOOSE POVERTY, YOU TAKE THIS VOW OF LACK, YOU CAN ALSO CHOOSE ABUNDANCE.

My Spirit lights up!

I  dropped on this musty 2-inch mattress on the floor repeating I have it all, the awesome birthday party with friends and family, the fabulous clients, the family, and yes I receive it all now, THANK YOU! it was around 8 a.m and by 8 a.m on the 27th of June 2017   what happens next:

  • My father sent my son a birthday gift of  $500 in the mail

  • My best friend from college whom, I've not heard from in 8 months traveled 200 miles with cake and champagne to celebrate my son

  • My sister whom I have not seen or talked to since my baby shower cash app $200 for his nephew

  • My estranged husband came with several pizzas, cakes, and a heartfelt apology 

  • I received confirmation that two clients signed up from my website for a total of $18,000 (the first sales ever, I was coaching for free) 

  • In three days I moved to my new apartment with my son and the best part is: his father offered to pay for rent and it has been three years since I paid rent from my pocket

The wealth and riches you are seeking are seeking you, knowing and accepting that you deserve to have them, is a whole new level of divine dominion and spiritual self-awareness!





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