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Are You Done With Having The Fear Of Failure?

Unlock Your Success 6-Weeks Live  Classes
At the end of this course you will know exactly how to reach your absolute best potential, achieve your goals and create the success your heart desires without sacrificing what you love to do. 

Fast Action Bonus: Align to Get Booked Value $2222


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Beloved conscious entrepreneurs,

You love to go with the flow, you love to manifest, and you love to see your manifestation comes to fruition. That is fabulous and you deserve all the juicy goodness of the universe in this lifetime and beyond.

But there is a small hiccup

You doubt yourself, you question your every move, asking if you are doing this thing right. You hit one road block, you get stuck at your track, going around in circle, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

You want your business to be successful, yet you put things off, you linger in the maybe, not now, tomorrow, and what if? Time is passing by but you stand still as a:


"Being Stuck"

You start, you stop, you are waiting for it to happen as an


I will Manifest with strong will but take no consistent actions.

You are terrified of what people may or may think. You blame it on your appearance, you blame it on the kids, heck even your significant other is responsible for you not having the success you want

You are in the constant loop of making it happen:

🗹You make new year resolutions
🗹You pray
🗹You do your full moon rituals
🗹You connect
🗹You disconnect from the world because they are stinking up your vibes
🗹You meditate
🗹You jump and bounce around to get the it out of your system... you still have not yet successfully accomplish your goals

I Get It....

Success can be scary.
Success can bring out questions that make you look for your big girl underwear just to wet them minutes you got them on.

Questions like:

🗹 Will I be a b**^t to people once I achieve success and have more money?
🗹 Will I be picked on and picked apart?
🗹 Will I have time to do the things I love?
🗹 Will I have the same friends?
🗹 Will I be disappointed if it is not what I build success to be in my head?
🗹 Will I have to work hard and get burned out?

🗹 Will I still love my partner and have time to nurture our relationship?

🗹 Will I still be a good mother?


The problem is you are far into the future and not present enough.
Although you have valid Reasons to feel the way you do but you are missing one huge thing

Those questions you have for your future success are unconscious beliefs. There are stopping you from achieve the success you want.

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Hi, my name is Auraldie, I am a money mindset healer. Prosperity is my ministry I help aspiring entrepreneurs release their money wounds to achieve the success they desire so they have a freedom in their business and personal life.

Just 3 short years ago I was struggling to make ends meet. I move from one city to another... the job market was at stand still. Looking for a job was like trying to piggy back  on your neighbors' locked Wi-Fi. I had a huge gap in my resume because I use to own my own business.

I was stuck on the how to pivot my business into an online world while all I know is how to run a private home care service. When I finally muster my courage, I create my business page on Facebook and Voila I was open for business except one huge hiccup that had me gasping for air: I was afraid to to put a price tag on my consulting and healing service.

I started to work for free. I thought reviews will make me successful...
And I got Plenty of them to decorate a feature wall in my living room.
At this point every friend and family started to look at me funny... and my husband said and I quote " you are wasting your time, you are wasting clothes, you live in a dream world this is reality you stink"
My father said: get real, get f**king  job, this is pitiful

Year two I knew I could not continue like this, Giving up was not an option. I started to invest in courses and develop a huge shiny object syndrome. I buy from anyone and everyone that say and I quote: "I can Help". Then mid year I decided you can pay me what you want. This decision came about because I was pregnant on bedrest and doing insurance  via tele sales. I raised $1,400 as a saving after I take out my insurance copay, and pharmacy co-pay. This $1,400 last me six month.

What I discovered during these time was:
I was running away from success and success was slowly passing me by and dropping these hints...

🗹 I am within you, I belong with you,

🗹You are deserving of having as much success you can fathom

I thought, that must be me on steroid, I have done everything... I put myself out there, I do what my coach tells me to do yet I had no success.

I thought something must of been completely wrong with me until

I discovered this simple breakthrough system which if you implement you can unlock as much success you desire in all area of your life




    🔥 Being in soul flow... no more procrastinating
     🔥 No more excuses
     🔥 No more passing blames
   🔥  No more shame around success
🔥 No internally abusing yourself because you did not keep your promise to yourself
🔥No more danm... if I succeed and danm... if  I fail



Instead Of Fears...


✨ You know what what questions to ask your higher self to step in to help you

✨You know what your soul wants and desire and you know how to deliver it

✨You know what you want and how to get there

✨You are able to be present, stay present

✨ You how to become unstoppable

✨You know how to align with what you want

✨You know how to navigate your vibration to match what you are seeking

✨You know how to make yourself stop resisting when things get uncomfortable

✨You know how to be in flow and stay in flow

✨You know how to quantum leap into success.




Now is your chance...

It is time to break-free of your success fears darling...

and I am going to teach you how in a brand new 6 weeks live course:



 IN 6 WEEKS YOU ARE GOING TO Breakthrough your mindset limitations, Unlock Your Success Code

In this Live course you'll learn:

1) How Find out why you are afraid of your big dreams ( what you know cannot hurt you, they become powerless)
2) Re-Define and create what success means to you 
3) Find out what stands between you and the success you want ( trauma, limitations, fear, etc..) 
4) Heal and release what stands in your way 
5) Create your vision
6) Set SMART GOALS as ( Specific, Attainable, Measurable, Relevant and Time-Bound) 
7) Reframe your Money Mindset/Reprogram your mind to accelerate your income
8) Reprogram your mind for success 
9) Silence the ego
10) How to connect with your Intuition for Daily Guidance

What's Included

❤️  Weekly live classes for 6 weeks

❤️ 10 Downloaded Resources/workbooks

❤️ The exact 6 audio activation  series I went through to change my money blueprint and unlocking success

❤️ Lifetime access to a growing community and upgrade contents each time this class is run

❤️ My exact morning routine that keeps my business running smoothly and manifest 6 figures with ease

❤️6 live activation and soul reconnection to get back to your authentic self and feel at ease getting paid for your talent

❤️Private Facebook Community



Unlock Your Success: Uplevel without the sacrife
Is a 6-weeks live uplifting, judgment-free, healing and teaching experience in which I hold sacred space for your healing, expansion, and evolution

Next Class starts August 9

This live class is for two category of people:

Visionary Entrepreneurs who :

👉Have a genuine fear of success or failure

👉You feel stuck in your business but don't know what is holding you back

👉You hit a plateau in your income ex: stuck at $50k year for few years and cannot make more

👉Want to break to break generational curse and allowing yourself to uplevel

👉You feel like or know you are dealing with trauma that is stopping you from reaching the level of success you want

👉You are afraid to put yourself out there because you been told you are uncapable of achieving your goals

👉You like to play small just to avoid success

👉Ready to break your income ceiling

👉Ready to do a complete and total mindset shift

👉Ready to release the blame and take full responsibility for your success

👉Action taker ready to implement what is learned to become unstoppable


Real People Currently Feel like this:


Abundance is your life cycle, your DNA strands 

👉You think differently than the rest of them

👉They say you are crazy

👉You are the black sheep but they want your opinions

👉They drain you but you love them anyway

👉You have this breakup to make relationship with them, I will cut you off but bring you back in my life again

👉They just don't get you

👉You often think danm life is not easy for me

How am I supposed to realize this dream?

And you also know that you are here to:

👉to break generational curse

👉called to be the example for the next generation

👉You are the one to heal the next generation

👉You are the one with massive strength to do it

👉The Level of wealth you can acquire is unmatched

👉The level of impact you are to create is unmeasurable

👉your life mission heals you and the rest of the world by just being in your presence

👉Your truth heals

unlock your success: uplevel without the sacrifice

Is not for you if:

👉You are looking to get rich quick

👉Expect something for nothing

👉Not ready to take full responsibility for your mindset because you think Jesus take the wheel but take no actions to help yourself

👉Not willing to do energy work or afraid of energy healing

👉If you are afraid of the word God or sensitive to the F bomb every once in a while.

👉You are looking for a sales class

👉You are looking for MLM Business opportunity

Truth is right now you may be given yourself all the reason why you should not join. And you probably have some valid reasons too like: nothing have worked for me before: how will this be different?

It is different because that will be your first time in an emerging energy with the intention of Releasing and letting in the presence of the angels and your guides. I will not do anything for you but guiding you where your soul needs to go to release what is no longer serving you, transmute it into energy and frequency that empower you to be the best version of yourself and your soul.


Next: Replay will be available for you and they are as powerful as being present because the energy field of healing and quantum leap is already created for you all you have to do is step in. 

lastly: We work with you on three levels to ensure deep healing that starts integrating with you the moment you do them not 20 years later. 

You Have a Choice to Make: 


You can up level which means:

you do not mind a little discomfort for long term gain you are going to enjoy being in the company of like-minded women supporting each other, quantum leaping into their next level in days, getting back their power and moving into new seasons and new blessings.




You an decide to do nothing: 

meaning nothing changed... you still with your fears and they win... You give them all  your power 


If you claim Faith over fears it means You say 


It means you are saying:


🔥Yes to changing and up-leveling

🔥Yes To decode and recode your mind for success

🔥Yes  to being the best version of you and yourself

🔥Yes to your birthright of success, abundance and prosperity

🔥Yes, to a lifetime of joy, juiciness, and freedom

🔥Yes to you


Unlock Your Success: up level without the sacrifice


Is happening Live...

Starting August 9

I will take you from shaken with fear to unshakeable and I got this CEO mindset

Here is what what you will get

❤️  Weekly live classes for 6 weeks

❤️ 10 Downloaded Resources/workbooks

❤️ The exact 6 audio activation  series I went through to change my money blueprint and unlocking success

❤️ Lifetime access to a growing community and upgrade contents each time this class is run

❤️ My exact morning routine that keeps my business running smoothly and manifest 6 figures with ease

❤️6 live activation and soul reconnection to get back to your authentic self and feel at ease getting paid for your talent

❤️Private Facebook Community

























PS:  Need a Flex pay contact me at with title flex pay option.

After July 29th This live course will be sold for $3,333

 Good Vibes and Abundance, 

Auraldie Julien

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