The Workshop That get Conscious entrepreneurs to unstuck, Own their briliance and Manifest
The Workshop That get Conscious entrepreneurs to unstuck, Own their briliance and Manifest

If you're ready to elevate your business you learn the marking trends, you are coachable, you follow directions but still have not yet scaled your business to 6 figure and beyond---

And you sense at this point the problem is not another marketing solution or another sales Bootcamp---

If you many times question if this is what  I am supposed to be doing and get confirmation, yes that is the path 

Yet you still struggle to nail down how to show up in your brilliance making tons of money doing what you love...

Then It Is Your Divine Timing To Know This---

✔️ There is a very real proven way to get unstuck, become your most authentic self, quiet this little mean voice in your head to scale your business from zero to 6 figure and beyond

✔️ A way to stop burning out  and stop using every single sales and marketing strategy on the market to see if you will finally find one that works for you

✔️ A way that frees you from your doubts and allows you to  own your brilliance to create financial freedom


Because It is your BIRTHRIGHT to have massive abundance through your gifts to fulfill your life  mission 

You should be the one breaking financial generational curses, disrupting the status quo, and making it the new normal to do what you love and get paid handsomely just to be you --- you should be in the front line building a legacy-making entrepreneurial endeavor normalizing sovereign riches and Goddess-ing in all your glory.

✔️ Even if you think you exhaust all your options and if marketing and sales did not do it what will---

✔️Even if you never consider your gift your business before

✔️Even if you only have worked  for free or donation and have not yet have a real paid clients



This is your divinely guided action steps to learn to own your brilliance, get unstuck, and allow your self to manifest financial freedom using your gifts

You DESERVE a repeatable Energetic Healing System that helps you get unstuck, give you the right business mindset, and Activates you into wealth consciousness and helps you quantum leap your income on auto pilot

✔️ To share a simple way to fix your energetic leaks

✔️ To release imposter syndrome and claim your brillance

✔️ to align your soul with your goals to allow massive abundance to flow to you

Until now it has been extremely difficult for conscious entrepreneurs to release their money traumas, release their mindset blocks, own their brilliance, and create wealth doing what they love---The mindset stuff that exists in this online space is one-dimensional only tackle subconscious healing---while as a lightworker or spiritual entrepreneurs you need activations,  cleanses, mindset, and confidence.


With the ACTIVATE METHOD WORKSHOP my simple method to own your brilliance, skyrocket your confidence and activate wealth consciousness

The Most Ah-mazing part is: This live 7-Day  workshop is totally FREE

Auraldie Julien is a lighthouse named by her client

the energetic money mindset genius and activator.

She is a modern-day Mystic, Shaman, Third-degree Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, NLP, God, and Angel Channeler. 

She believes everyone deserves to have luxury, wealth, and riches. She dedicated her life to hold space for you to create and achieve wealth even when you do not know the how.

She is taking the healing industry by storm teaching her unique methodology to activate wealth consciousness reprogramming your mind on five levels and helping you to recognize your brilliance, own it, and create wealth with it.

Her no-nonsense approach cut right through the b.s. stories you tell yourself to activate you in to your greatness and help you create lasting change in your life

In This Free 

7-Day Workshop You'll Learn:  


Release your limiting mindset and money mindset beliefs


 Release Imposter syndrome


Align with your most authentic self


Reclaim your Birthright of Abundance

After going through this workshop and implementing this simple to follow healing and mindset framework through your daily homework ----

You'll be able to get yourself unstuck, skyrocket your confidence, and activate an abundance of cash flow in your business. You'll know how to reinvent your money blueprint value your skills and allow your gifts to be your income.