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Are you struggling to hit six figures in your business? are you struggling to attract the life you desire? Does it feels like you are getting everything you do not want? Do you hit a plateau in your income and it looks like you get so close to your goals but you can never hit your goals?

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If this sounds like you then You Are Out Of Alignment with your birthright of Prosperity, your desire for wealth and riches and you are out of touch with your super conscious mind. 

Let me explain it to you: You see you were born to have all that your heart desires but with the programing of the world we live in and the constraint of 3D living we forget that we can control our mind, our nervous system and thinking and visualizing our way to have our soul and the universe create what we desire

So you Settle

Because you think if you have riches it means something else got to give and you play it safe. You want the Wealth , you desire millions, but you calibrate your mind to only give you enough to live on because somehow you fear that if you have a lot you are taking away from others. 

It is time for you to reinvent your money blueprint, activate your birthright to riches and get your millions queens

How To Activate The Millionaire Within Even If You Never Made Six Figure Before & Have No Known Millionaire In Your Family

Hi, My name is
Auraldie Julien
Success and Prosperity

 I help you do less, earn more, by activating your birthright of prosperity and your essence of abundance. 

I am passionate about this work because I was once or three times at rock bottom, got back up, plateau in my business because I had endless limiting beliefs and was so consumed by societal norms that I could not seem to catch a break or earn no more than $400/month. After 3 years living like that I had to retreat within to discover what was the difference of earning million and living on $400/month with a child in diapers to leap into making $10,000 in 48 hours after 7 Activations . What I found out is what I am going to share and teach you in this Retreat


Introducing Wealth Embodiment Retreaat Costa Rica

TRANSFORMATION: At the end of this retreat you will be able to remove any abundance and prosperity blocks you have with ease. Activate Your Millionaire Blueprint. Lastly Activate and Recoded Your DNA for Wealth.

7 Days in Costa Rica

Private Room and 3 Meals per day  Included

1- 1.5 hour session 101 with me

7 Wealth Codes Activation

1 Release Ceremony

1Rebirth Activation

1 DNA Wealth Code Activation

Sight seeing and outings


And $500 non-refundable reservation fee


Amplify Your Wealth 90 days Mastermind value ($5555)

Access to Breakthrough your unconscious money beliefs community Value ($1200) 

What is Not included

Your roundtrip fare Costa Rica

Your ride from and to the Airport

Souvenir while shopping 

Your transportation in your off time

Tour Guide in your Off time

Disclaimer:  must have proof that you are covid-19 free and social distancing will be observed. Face shield is required. Fun and Safe