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Accept Your Soul Assignment And Rise Into Income And Impact Fulfilling Your Soul Mission 

I KNOW HOW MONEY works SPIRITUALLY and Practically 

I had to do the work

I had to feel through cause and effect 

Learn by polarity

Shattered trough giving and receiving 

Broken by gratitude 




Along the way I learn the one big shift for massive wealth is BRIDGING THE SEPARATION BETWEEN GOD,SELF, AND MONEY. 

I also learn the one big reason we sicken ourselves to death over money isn’t LACK it is separation 



From Source and Self and Money 

From Knowledge 

From practices 

Through decisions that have been made by others for us to go by or rules and decisions we made and created for ourselves to wound us so we can rise into full goddess-ship


I know this stuff because there isn’t one of the 7-CORE Priestess Witch Goddess money wounds I did not have and it started from the moment I discovered I was psychic 


When I was 5 years old my mother catch me playing fortune 🔮 teller with my friends

My mother immediately told me You are not a fortune teller, you're a DOCTOR. Where I am from fortune telling is voodoo and that gets a bad wrap

But even at 5 I clearly understood voodoo wasn’t bad or good. It was only the meaning in which we practice voodoo that can be defined as good or bad 


She caught me playing again a few months later and told me that voodoo priests are broke folks, scammers, and they should be ashamed of themselves.


She goes on to say if I want to be one that will bring ultimate shame to her and the family in addition it would show that I have no integrity to myself  and no respect for my parents. 


She never failed to remind me my entire life how terrible it would be if I ever expressed interests in practicing spirituality; yet, she never denied my gifts, my connection to spirits, and my magic, she simply would not allow me to practice in the open where people know me. I was allowed to practice when she took me to saints celebration, ancestors veneration but never where I am known 


I grew up CONFUSED AS F*ck 


You’re not allowed 🚫 

But here you’re allowed


You are not be this at home in the open


You can be exactly that where no one knows who you are 


The older I get the more SHAME i gathered around spirituality, the more judgment I passed on priests, the more religious i became to get the demon freak out of me that see into people


 Around 17 is when I personally shoved my spiritual gifts far up my Fallopian tubes to chase a -dream that wasn’t mine

Become a person

-I had no clue WTF she is and I made the decision to create the beliefs 

-abundance and wealth were only met for doctors 🥼 and If I were not one I did not deserve money

-Mysticism/ spiritual was looked down upon and was a set-up for being broke 

-me as I AM is not validated and not enough


 In college she and my father emphasized on who I am 


Daddy will manipulate, do whatever you want, but to each degree that wasn’t medical focus, you will be broke doing that and mom


You’re a Doctor 

You’re a good girl 

You are a doctor because this is what I tell you you would be 

DOCTORS make lots of money 

Anything else you’ll be broke


Doctors are honorable 

If you are anything else 

You bring shame upon me  


I ended up with a master in business, a bachelor in health service administration, a medical assisting degree, built a secret multiple  6-figure home care business, help a cable company sold $3.8 in product being an admin, sold $75k in life insurance in 2 weeks but that was never good enough for me because it wasn’t a doctor’s salary. As a result I never had the capacity to hold money or wealth because it was never righteous. 


As a High Priestess I struggle to communicate my message, starting and quitting, doing every other business under the sun to avoid BEING. I THOUGHT I WAS CURSED because nothing feels good nothing lasts…living in deep scarcity, mind body soul because I struggle to accept myself fully and in poverty financially for the same reasons


And RIGHTEOUSNESS of acceptable profession 

Combine with religion plus what mama and them will think 🤔 are the biggest reasons you are so afraid to shine your light and bank your innate gifts




There are lots of things I don’t know and I don’t care to learn about them either but 

THE one thing I do know is MONEY+MONEY WOUNDS, MONEY AND YOU, YOU AND MONEY, why YOU HAVE PLENTY why you LACK money,  why it isn’t easy easy to HAVE A HEALTHY FLOW, Why you think you PLATEAUED, Why your business isn’t making a boat load, why you secretly afraid of success(money) you fear failure (money).

I’ve RISEN from the depth of LACK 

Through the density of duality of my money shadows from the frequency of my soul, the rhythm 🥁 of my heart ❤️, and the vibration of my pussy 🐅 to become the money and I spent 3 years doing the work with my spirit teams to help you do it in a fraction of the time and now I am paying forward—-


Money is LIFE FLOW

Like the air you breathe

It simply will not flow and come easily to those that are met to empower self and shift the planet consciousness until they become THE MONEY!


IT’S Your turn to shine!!!


If you consider yourself 

 high priestess, healer, intuitive or spiritual hiding behind certifications to fit in a box and not using the extent of their your innate gifts and power to make magically impact yourself and this world 


Accept Your Soul Assignment And Rise Into Income And Impact Fulfilling Your Soul Mission


You’re ready to finally make money doing what you love I.e. the witchy priestess mind blowing goddess magic! 

You fired up inside and out but there is this lingering rain of duality that keep saying to you 



Meanwhile you been a witchy priestess and doing goddessing ish your entire life 



YOU DON’T need more knowledge 


I know because I WAS YOU

IF you Seeing this it is because there is no one better to help you RISE AND HEAL YOUR PRIESTESS WITCH GODDESS WOUND



is your spiritualism bypass to NOT RISE INTO  YOUR SOVEREIGNTY, into your own knowing to heal this planet consciousness and RAISE its vibration 



Is the unconscious shame that permeates deep within the layers of your mind, detriment your heart, CLOGGED YOUR DNA and disconnect you with your pure potentiality which creates


Imposter syndrome

Zero confidence

Unworthiness of getting paid for your Gift


DARLING Spiritual IMPOSTERS have zero imposter syndrome

They read you a script and voila RESULTS because they feel like they get nothing to lose



Pure magic, Endless Magnificence, with Boundless Power 

Sit in the corner waiting, wishing, being led, but not leading 

Watching the imposter win, enraged with frustration, guilt, fear, and resentment




 You been conditioned by the world around you to be

 AFRAID of your magic

— and the worst part is YOU UNCONSCIOUSLY AGREE to It


And This Agreement looks like 

Starting and Quitting 

Difficult Clients 

Repelling MONEY(Dry month/plateau)

Work with people because you need money not because it feels good for you


UNKIND to yourself

Always Healing 

Always waiting on something 


This Stops Here DARLING as I am your Remembrance To RISE into your Queendom to UNLOCK your GODDESS-hood  and HEAL your Witch-Priestess Money wounds, REMIND YOU to Get RICHER and Be RICHER In the fullness of your potentiality


Let me introduce my-Self to you —


My name is AURALDIE Julien ,High Priestess, mystic and shaman,  Witch Goddess 


OHHH the orgasmic feeling I have saying this outloud and the freaking pride I have Admitting this you 


It took me 8 years to  RIGHTFULLY own my spiritual gifts, REMEMBER my soul assignment I came on earth to fulfill, and have the courage to show up and get it done daily. 


 and  I am a badass Money Alchemist and money money mindset healer  helping high achieving conscious entrepreneurs remove money blocks in their body, remove skills hangovers, channel quantum marketing strategies, reprogram their soul wealth blueprint  for wealth so that they have the capacity to hold lot of wealth, do the things that are align Energetically with— to have zero burn out and have massive fun in their soul and heard led spiritual or intuitive businesses


You are seeing me because you desire to RISE 


More FREEDom











What people will think 

Because you are a hermit and you value your privacy but your power is suffocating (anxiety) you

You feel lonely (everything and everyone is draining your energy) 

Your Business is inconsistent (Low cash flow) but don’t know why 


Let me let you in into a massive secret: All of this is happening so you CAN SHAMELESSLY RECLAIM YOUR THRONE PUBLICALLY 

And If You’re READY Priestess Rebirth 

Is exactly what you need right now

  • Activate your pussy power + balance your feminine and masculine energy to execute your goals and receive with ease

  •  Breakthrough the addiction of healing due to bypassing the witch/priestess traumas 

  • Reinforce your faith to successfully trust your guidance 

  • Manifesting with powerful words rather than from scarcity 

  • Release the shame of making money with your gifts

  • Remove their their witch/priestess money wound

  •  strengthen your relationship with money as it is evidence that you can earn massively being a priestess 

  • Release and remove imposter syndrome

  • Develop the knowing that your gifts are valuable

  • Feeling WORTHY AND ALLOWED of having wealth 

  • I get to carry the torch and light the way for other witches to rise

  • Unleash Your authentic magnetic self

  • own my brilliance 

  • Activates activate your  gifts 

  •  Activates your  financial freedom

  • Unleash yourself, your prosperity,  abundance, and radiance, 

  •  Release your  fear of being heard, seen, understood and feeling loved

  •  Master your energy and run your queendom like the majestic sovereign you are 

  • Expand your  heart and balance your yin/yan  to receive abundantly

  • Harness the safety of your gifts and  me feel safer to activate your bigger vision, set massive goals, and achieve them 

  • Gain massive confidence

  • Regulates your  nervous system

  •  Integrate, Embody,  and Activate your  GODself!

  • Become a self-led leader

  • Channel  a signature Modality with your spiritual gifts

  • Activate your through chakra to clearly communicate your message 

  • Channel your message 

It took me 8 years to embrace who I am fully and 3 years to heal my witch priestess wound but it doesn’t have to take you half of this time because I streamline this process into a 8-week container 


  • 8 weeks live coaching container! 

  • Real time live channel specific to the group energy, vibration, on GOD’s frequency 

  • Live group session session with hot seat and and implementation 

  • Live activations , integrations, embodiment ceremony of the witch priestess goddess essence

  • Live collective money blocks removals, transmutation, and ascension 

  • Live modality methodology channel 

  • Private Facebook group to ask me any questions that you want 

This is a new program and no one had reviewed it yet however if you want to have a feel for my work feel free to check out my website and read through the amazing money healing and alchemy results here


If you show up consistently and do the work After these 8 weeks 


You will show up powerfully and unapologetically clearly communicate and own your truth, value, and self love to beam and glow like the cosmo that you are. Become a prosperous entrepreneur that makes money doing what you love and increasing your revenue at will with ease, speed, and grace. 


If you find yourself questioning whether you need this program it is your cue to act, test your very innate super power, your intuition, take a breath drop inside your heart, ask if this is a good fit for you! Act according to your findings! 






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