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You're ready to move past your money plateau

You're over endless LOA affirmations

You're ready to have the money you prayed for

You know your time is now or never 

You feel blocked, you looked at everything but you still don't know WTF is the problem 

You're ready to step into your next level of income and impact but not sure how---

You are so done with the struggle and you're finally ready to RECEIVE Money with ease in your personal life and Business


    What’s in it for you...

  • 4 Weeks Live Guidance (starting August 11) 

  •  Weekly 90 minute Sessions + Q&A

  • Facebook Group (ask Auraldie Anything in there) 

  • Workbooks, Breathwork, Activation, and Bonus Training

What You'll Receive Guidance on...

Week -1: Discover Your Core Money Wounds

To discovery the make-up of your money mindset— where your beliefs came from, the trauma that cause them, where you carrying those energy

Week-2:Recalibrate your Money GPS

Release, Transmute, and Alchemize your money wounds, patterns, and beliefs from your mind, body, soul 

Week-3:Create new beliefs and become the frequency of money

Cleansing and balancing your money energetic system from DNA,  root to soul star and installing new beliefs that allow you to expand into your next level of financial freedom 

Week-4: Activate Your multidimensional  5D-Money Codes

We will activate 

Your Wealth DNA STRANDS 

Your Lyran money codes

Your Star seed money codes

Your Divine Queen Money Codes

The Experience....