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Introducing PCE---How To Own Your Brilliance, Ignite Your Passion And Create Financial Freedom Without Burnout Out And Overwhelmed Even If You Are Just Starting Out.


To the ONLY money mindset alchemy, energetic Healing online education  conscious entrepreneurs and light-workers will  need to thrive financially using your gifts and being  your most  authentic self in any market 

From The  Creator Of: 

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"Program Includes comprehensive trainings on the ACTIVATE  METHOD"

Does This Sound Like You?
You Are A Conscious Entrepreneur or Light Worker  
you are very skilled at what you do however you find yourself having difficulty creating financial freedom in your
You are a Spiritual Coach you are following all the marketing trends, you invest in yourself and in your business but you can't be full time in your business because you are not making enough to quit your day job
You're  A Lightworker/Priestess you are using social media to grow your business but you mostly work for free or your prices are so low your business cannot sustain you
You're A spiritual Badass with a gift/gifts you want to take a leap but are afraid that you will be gambling with your life, so you just help friends and family and never call yourself a business owner


If So Then...

 You're ready to stop self-sabotage and stop  attracting difficult A.F. Clients that crush your soul

You're ready to stop sacrificing time for money

You're ready to stop enrolling clients you know  are not the right fit because you need money

You're ready for a brand new loving relationship with money that is not built on scarcity

You're  ready 
to create financial freedom with your gift earning six, seven figures, and beyond

You're ready to use your energy to be distinguished, unique, one of a kind 

You'ready to stop playing small and embrace the powerhouse that you are 

You know you were born to build an empire healing, guiding, and holding sacred space for people and helping the planet raise their vibration through your work


You know you have not shown up in your highest light or potential but know that with the right guidance you can get there at the speed of light

It  is synchronicity that you found us. All this  is about to change now

World Leading  Premier Money Mindset Alchemy, Prosperity Education  

We teach you how to feel,  think, embody a millionaires mindset, heal your money traumas, balance and treat your emotions to end cycles of lack and unworthiness--- With mind, heart, soul, and consciousness vibrational training in one place ---to create the financial freedom desired

Until now conscious entrepreneurs have had a hard time finding a money mindset alchemy school that teaches them how to be prosperous and stay abundant. The programs on the market have been 

on two poles business and money mindset--- which is confusing for most because having a good money mindset and knowing the marketing strategies do not teach one how to be upgrade their money blueprint, release generational curse, balancing the nervouse systems, and rewire the mind, the  body,  the heart, and the soul for wealth at superconsciousness level.

Want To Make Massive Impact to make massive impact in the world by being your authentic self and be wildly wealthy being you?

Here is what no one is teaching you but you need to know

You need to align your soul with your goals--- so that you can achieve the financial freedom you want

You need to rewire your emotions--- that takes skills because most entrepreneurs are living in survival mode which deactivates the magnet that they are and becomes generic and blah

You need 360-degree transformation, support, and accountability---Where someone holds sacred space for your financial goals to materialize even when you,  yourself do not believe in you when you break into anger, reverting to your old self, throwing a pity party, for when you are stuck into blame, shame, and guilt to pull you right back into your highest light and help you get there when you are not strong enough to do it alone. 


You Get All  that in more inside the prosperous conscious entrepreneur

Auraldie Julien is a lighthouse named by her client

the energetic money mindset genius and activator.

She is a modern-day Mystic, Shaman, Third-degree Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, NLP, God, and Angel Channeler. 

She believes everyone deserves to have luxury, wealth, and riches. She dedicated her life to hold space for you to create and achieve wealth even when you do not know the how.

She is taking the healing industry by storm teaching her unique methodology to activate wealth consciousness reprogramming your mind on five levels and helping you to recognize your brilliance, own it, and create wealth with it.

Her no-nonsense approach cut right through the b.s. stories you tell yourself to activate you into your greatness and help you create lasting change in your life

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The one roadblock that keeps conscious entrepreneurs stuck is: the constant who the heck am I to claim this so they become generic and ignore their innate magic to marry the struggle
which  is exactly why you need  The Prosperous Conscious Entrepreneur  the only all in one platform that  helps you alchemize your money mindset, own your brilliance, create prosperity, and set yourself  financially free

Our Prosperous  Conscious  Entrepreneurs  Are Creating Waves Of Financial Freedom

The Ultimate all-in-one Money Mindset Alchemy, prosperity online education where conscious entrepreneurs step into their innermost soul authenticity, visionary entrepreneurship and create financial freedom
The Prosperous Conscious Entrepreneur is designed to help you master yourself and reclaim your sovereign throne of prosperity and abundance. It is all about you and financial freedom 
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When you know, How to feel, think and embody your sovereignty you are then capable with ease  to manifest financial freedom 

Take a look Inside 

✔️6 months of Group weekly coaching

✔️4 Modules

✔️24 lessons

✔️12 Guided breathwork sessions

✔️8 Activations

✔️4 DNA Recoding 

✔️4 Wealth Codes Integrations

✔️12 Hot seat and Q+A

✔️Private community 

 ✔️6 months Email  Support through Slack

Total Value $ 8,888

What It Looks Like  To Be  A Prosperous Entrepreneur

Marsy Cole, Spiritual Marriage Counselor Turned her biggest block into her biggest blessing and earn $500,000 doing what she loves 

Joe Peters, Real Estate Firm Owner  went from office administrator to becoming the owner of his own successful real estate firm earning a whopping $1, 300,000 this year

And Yes, that is yours truly Auraldie Julien Your Favorite Money Mindset Alchemist and Prosperity Coach I went from coaching and healing for free, to accepting love donation because the feeling of unworthiness and lack mindset took over my entire being.

I had deep fears that I was going to be found out and just maybe my father and my husband are right by telling me that despite my higher education in business that I am Worthless. I work for free, they get great results and I was hoping people know my worth by trying out but I did not dare to put a value on myself.


All that change on my son's first birthday when I discover my lack of anything was my choice. The biggest challenge was if that is my choice then how the heck did I stop making these choices?

Then Magically I receive the download Alchemy. (to change, and anything and everything can change) So I started with my mindset, that was awesome but the money was slow to come so I decided to start integrating all my skills to conjure up activations and clear my traumas, curses, and any blocks in about 90 days I started to have an increasing flow of paid clientele


The Prosperous Conscious Entrepreneur is not for all conscious creatrix. It is for you if you're  particular ready to face your shadows, turn them into light and activate through God-consciousness, deep dive into the discovery of you and you are not afraid of putting in the work to have the rewards 

If You're ready to do the work  Then Take a look Inside the Modules

Module 1: Decode Your Mind

Mastering your mind, discovering why you think the way you think, How to quickly rewire your mind for wealth and how to raise your thought vibrationally to create what you desire.

Module 2: The Power Of You

Renew your nervous system, release old wounds and emotional baggage keeping you stuck in judgment, lack, resentment, pity, shame, blame, unforgiveness, unworthiness, and guilt so that you can step into your  highest light to own your brilliance

Unlock your gift fully to gain the confidence to be your unique soul self, activating your passion, collapsing timeline accessing the fabulous you that knows the how-to to unlock your unique business framework and style 

Module 4: Wealthy &Prosperous You

Wealth codes and DNA Activations so that you can align your soul with your goals for optimum wealth manifestation to create the freedom you desire in your life

Module 3: Unlock Yourself 

You're  Worth it to me, That is why your bonuses are also live workshops for you to experience with me 

Business Success is 70%  Inner work and 30% Marketing strategy. Don't take my words for it use my timeline as an example

2016-2017 my mindset was trashed, I had no self-belief in fact my husband and father told me I was worthless, I agree and dress to show my worthlessness too

2018-2019 Mindset work began, I was still afraid to charge a premium but I move from free and donation to $997

2020/2021 owning my brilliance, Alchemy, activation, and reclaiming my throne of prosperity

Here is the Ultimate no-b.s. truth. I am not special, this did not happen because I have any spiritual gifts. It happened because I recognized I could not do it alone. So I invested the money, I invested the time, I gave it my all, then when I discovered I needed more than mindset that is when I develop The Activate Method For Conscious Entrepreneur. This is exactly what I have that you do not have that is causing all the bumps in the road for you.


This is a Transformational Healing program, nothing is done in a microwave, however, we do collapse timeline and expansion can get very intense. If you show up for the first 14 days and decide that we are not a good fit then I will reimburse you in full no questions asked.  

Here is What you get When You Enroll Inside  The Prosperous Conscious Entrepreneur 

✔️6 months of Group weekly coaching

✔️4 Modules

✔️24 lessons

✔️12 Guided breathwork sessions

✔️8 Activations

✔️4 DNA Recoding 

✔️4 Wealth Codes Integrations

✔️12 Hot seat and Q+A

✔️Private community 

 ✔️6 months Email  Support through Slack
Value $8,888

      Value  $1997  

Value  $2997

Total Value: $13, 882

But you can get started NOW  for just  $397 and 11 more installments of $ 397 after that!

Yes, I am Ready to Become  A prosperous Conscious  Entrepreneur Today 

So you're still thinking about it and you have questions, let me ease your mind---

How long is PCE?

24 weeks or 6 months with weekly coaching and hot seats.


Will there be healing sessions?

Yes, your coaching comes with 12 healing sessions to help you expand your consciousness, release traumas, emotional healing, nervous system rebalancing, gift activation, alignment, energetic balancing, etc...


What about the activations, DNA Recoding, and Money Codes?

You will receive audio recording for you to listen to activate yourself.

Is PCE live, if so will there be video lessons?

Yes, PCE is live and there will be 24 video lessons to help you understand each topic covers in the modules plus you receive the coaching sessions that help you transform what you learn 


Who are the Coaches of PCE?

PCE is taught and coached by yours truly Auraldie, this is specialized coaching on this topic of transformation

Is PCE a Business course?

No PCE is not a business course, it covers the 70% of internal work needed in order for you to be a rock star in your business


Is there a refund policy?

I would not want you to be unhappy, so of course, if you show up for 14 days apply what you learn and decide this internal work is not for you, of course, I will refund you in full. I have been doing this for 3 years now until date no one had quit because they know that is the missing part for them.


Do I need to be in every session?

Although I would love to see your pretty face each week, however, I know life happens this is why we record each session and load them up into your coaching portal.


Do I only have 24 weeks' access to my coaching portal?

No, you have lifetime access to all coaching materials in your portal.

I am new to energy work is there any side effects I should be aware of?

Energy healing is not invasive at all. this is not a training to become a mystic your only side effects will be feeling good and becoming aware of your emotions or triggers to heal them lovingly right away.

Right Now Here Is What Is Going On: You'Re Afraid!

Hi Beloved, 

Auraldie here, I know exactly how you feel. Right now all this chatter is in your mind telling you 

why do you think now is the right time and pretty much verbatim: " you have failed before,  No one believes in you, and the lack of support is real"

Truth is who has not failed, at one point or another we all failed, learned, implemented, and succeed without a shadow of a doubt. I have accomplished all my successes and failures all alone and I am mightily proud of it. 


 And right now you are so tempted to say Auraldie I am not you. Believe me, You are not me, you are you and I have tried to be everyone else before I become Auraldie and that is exactly why you are seeing me so you can stop water down yourself and rise into YOU!

I know this isn't an easy decision to make because I have been the queen of indecisiveness, co-dependency, the victims of all victims, the poorest of poor in my awareness; and, this is what I got from being all of it: MORE OF THE SAME THINGS.

From where I am looking at it you have to obvious choices you have read this far and or been in the workshop, you can go apply and implement, find some momentum if you are a go-getter. 

But if you procrastinate as I use to truth is you are in information overload and you will do nothing with it which will leave you at the same place next year and so on.


You can allow yourself to be guided step-by-step to finally have accountability, take the guesswork out and Thrive. 

Whatever you decide, I love you and I will continue to hold space for your expansion and abundance!



Enroll Me Now, I'M  So Ready