How I Overcome My Limiting Money Beliefs + Free Virtual Class

I use to be terrified 😨 of putting a price tag on my services. It was so bad that I allowed people to pay me what they saw was fair after they work with me.

It felt like a sinking ship at shore. Every time someone asks: so what is the investment to hire you as a coach? I get technical explaining everything but answering the question at hand.

It sounds like a broken record in every interaction until I discovered I was dealing with some big limiting beliefs around money.

Until I discovered a proven method to release and remove my limiting beliefs system.

Literally a big change, being terrified of increasing my price tag anytime I want.

Extreme change from spilling technicalities hearing constant "NO OR I'LL THINK ABOUT IT" to people begging to pay me 5 figures to work with me, clients referring people to me regularly, and me handpicking who I want to work with.

What changed for me?

I learn to have my desired outcome before It materialize

I learned that my money wounds aka blocks were deeper than money

I learn to release energy

I learn that to control my thoughts

I'll tell you exactly how I release and remove my limiting beliefs and you can copy my exact process to heal now.

If you sell a high ticket product, you are coach, healer, or a service base entrepreneur dealing with money mindset blockages then let me make it nice and simple to fix


INSTEAD OF---decreasing your price tag---you'll feel complete ease to charge what you are worth and raise your worth anytime you please

INSTEAD OF---thinking people cannot afford your'll know you cannot measure someone's pocket or know how much they can afford

INSTEAD OF---working on love donation because you feel guilty asking to be'll find joy in earning abundantly for your gift

INSTEAD OF---burning out because you have to enroll 100 low ticket clients to hit your money goal---- you'll need just one client to make it happen


"THE ADVANCE MINDSET SKILLS" The 4 steps process to release and remove your toughest money mindset blocks in 7days in only 15 minutes per day.

I'll teach you the 3 big things you need to remove your money mindset blocks plus know plus my 1 energetic healing process to remove the limiting beliefs from your subconscious mind to get fast results.

Here is a sample of what you'll learn:

●How to become aware of your limiting beliefs

●How to identify where, and when your limiting started

●What you need to do to remove the limiting belief

●How to remove the limiting belief From your subconscious mind.

Best part is, it is easy to learn, you just have to implement what you learn


2 Reasons:

1) for you to sample my coaching and teaching style. And once you see my unique system and are convinced you could benefit from it. You might want me to be coached by me.

2)it is your birthday to live a limitless life because you deserve to. HOW IS THAT FOR TRANSPARENCY?

The best part is you can indulge in your healing now! And is only 38:44 long of real teaching with no fluff or filler ;)

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