5 Powerful Spiritual Lessons Scarcity Mindset Taught Me

Sorry, I use to live in deep scarcity to the point that I discovered that the grass was not always greener where you water it. In fact, the grass was always a piece of artificial grass; which in terms makes my whole concept of living in deep scarcity was completely artificial.

Yes, total illusion and completely made up by my own lazy and overprogrammed humanely mind.

Hold on, do not navigate away just yet, I am sure you have several reasons to justify the lack that exists in your life such as I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, I have to actually work, or my absolute favorite I have to save, excuse me hoard for a rainy day.

I also had these safety nets, oh no, I met to say excuses as well. Being in scarcity was deeply serving me. In fact, I cannot believe that I am deliberated admitting this to you but "I loved being in poverty"

I clearly remember relentlessly scrapping my rent, and preparing to eat one meal a day, buy one gallon of 32 load detergent, an 8 0z fabric softener, and if anything finishes before the month then I would have to go without. I guess you can call it living within my mean but what the heck I call it deep poverty.

Meanwhile, I was crying myself to sleep, drowning in my tears thinking how do I become so helpless. If by any means you are there or have been there; and you are trying to pick yourself back up I want you to know this is not your fault. This is not your parents' fault for not building generational wealth, this is not your partner's fault, this is solely societal programming.

Society has a system in which they teach you math, reading, science, literature, but teaches you nothing about spirituality or the power of your mind. They let religion educate you about money and spirituality; therefore, you got fear mixed with mindset and that equates to total disaster.

Confused much?

1- Do not get it twisted: Scarcity Serve a Purpose

Whether you totally understand it or not scarcity is a defense mechanism to get you to settle in into your cocoon of comfort. It is your own ego convincing you that you fail even before you started

2- We get what we prepared for

You cannot manifest what you do not see or feel. What your mind focuses on your vibration attracts.

3- The mind is lazy but change is available

You think over 100,000 thoughts a day and they are rarely new, you are programmed to think the same thing over and over again until you decide it is time for a change

4- We have dominion over our mind

Most of the programmings of your mind are not yours. It is up to you to choose what stays and what goes.

5- Any and all situation can be transmuted

when you realized you are creating lack you can decide to start creating abundance at will because both scenarios are a matter of making a choice

Everyone is born with the birthrights of prosperity and the essence of abundance. The decision to access your sovereign birthrights is entirely up to you!

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