11 Things You Should Stop Doing To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

I get it, it is not easy feeling stuck and be the one that seeing the mud, walk through it and get stuck anyway. That is how imposter syndrome feels like. If you truly wants to get release imposter syndrome to shine in your true light there are 11 things you must quit doing right now. They are hurting you more than helping because your intentions doing them are paralyzing you and keeping you inside the sticky mud for a longer period of time.

And those 11 things are:

  1. -Post everyday to be visible and providing value

  2. -Stand for something

  3. -Change your mindset

  4. -Stop playing small

  5. -Subscribe to every confidence blog

  6. -Read 50 self help books to get out of your head to get inside your heart to know your worth because you are tired of people with half your knowledge succeeding easily while you are watching on the sideline so you…

  7. - Take another confidence course to feel more confident

  8. - Stay busy making your social media look concise and pretty

  9. - Take another 5 days and get clients to understand how to get clients for your coaching business You get more confused, still stuck so you...

  10. -Go back to basics do what the gurus you followed told you to do, you do that for several months nothing happens so you get frustrated because..

- you still at the same place as you started

-you still have nothing to show for it

-you are ready to quit and get a job in desperation

- you ugly cry eating ice cream on the kitchen floor with your back against the fridge

- you still want it to work for you because you already told people hey I am successful… you feel like you lie to yourself, disappointing your everyone including grandma.

You can keep doing that Or… you can acknowledge the only reason you are stuck it is because you feel like an imposter, and no matter what they tell you to do, you'll do it but still stay stuck because your imposter syndrome goes beyond visibility and confidence and you have not yet find the exact way to ditch it yet until now.

My name is Auraldie Julien, I am a money money mindset healer. I help you remove imposter syndrome and your toughest money mindset blocks on a conscious and subconscious level using proven ancient energy healing techniques to give you results.

For the first time ever I am offering a Free Imposter Syndrome Clearing and Release masterclass to help you: Ditch Your Imposter Syndrome and become a powerhouse in your business.

Disclaimer1 : This class is not going to remove all your doubts and worries about your business in one seating but it will teach you how to get unstuck and move forward

Disclaimer 2: There will be an offer to work with you after the masterclass, but it happened after I actually taught you real principles to ditch your imposter syndrome and do an energy healing session with you.

Disclaimer 3: I am light hearted, So I will keep it real while holding space for your growth, healing and expansion while you are sharing space with you.

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