How To Differ Imposter Syndrome From Visibility Block

If you look up the definition of imposter syndrome you will realize that it is the fact that someone feel as or instead you feel like a fraud or you feel like you are incapable of doing something just because but let's look at this on a spiritual level shall we

I Define imposter syndrome as the need for approval the need to be seen the need to be heard the need to be understood and the need to step out of one's shadow

looking at it this way you will quickly understand that being shy has nothing to do with the imposter energy, being a Hermit, or being an introvert has nothing to do with being an imposter everything that has to do with being an imposter is this: sometimes somewhere somehow someone in your life or you have experienced a trauma that Define the followings:

I'm not good enough, no one hears me. I feel like I'm invisible because no one seems to hear me out and I have no voice, no one approves of me, or there's a narrative of victimhood, unworthiness and lack of self-love.

I'm going to tell you my own self-hatred developed into imposter syndrome.

When I was 4 years old I had an uncle of mine tell me the only reason I tolerate you is because you have money and everybody that is your friend is your friend because when they come around you feed them and your father gives them money and your mother tends to them. That was a pretty harsh thing to a 4 years old. From that age I make the decision that people don't like me and I start to hate myself and I hate myself because well people don't like me because of have money.

I spent a lifetime trying to get people to like me. I did not want people to like me because I have money. As a twisted result all my friendships started by doing something for someone. I wanted people to like me for me but yet again I was doing things to buy people's love care and concern because I could not find an ounce of love for myself within myself this my uncle’s comment teach Me The Narrative of you’re not loveable, you’re not good enough for someone to like you if you have no money.

I used to vividly picture this scene. What if I have no money, what if I lost it all, my dad is no longer mayor, my mother is no longer who she is and I'm no longer who I am. In adulthood this reality was created with my mother passing, husband leaving, my friends deserting me, and no business. The only person I had left was my son. I had my son in a blanket.

And this is what I learned: I have no clue how to love myself, I do not love myself, and I have to love somebody else aka my son. I was at a point of no return I couldn't get a job because I couldn't pay for daycare so I had to figure out something fast. I said: I'm going to bring my business online but I couldn't do Homecare online so I decided that I am going to focus on healing gifts.

The problem was I was thinking in my head that no one will care, nobody needs this and that you've hurt me back to that time. You can't show up and do this because no one like you remember no one will find you knowledgeable remember your dad told you that no one will listen to you that you should get f****** real old and get a job you remember that before your husband left he said that all you doing is wasting clothes and breath Union member that everyone told you that you cannot do this you throw yourself. Party you complain about how you spend $92,000 in 6 years 3 degrees nothing to show for it

So no one cares, no one cares why would you do this. I had it bad. I have no problem showing up on camera. I know the camera loves me and I know that I'm charismatic and I know that I can speak my ass off. I don't have a problem with visibility. I can be visible if I want to when I want to. Yes, I don't like to be out everyday but I can be the life of the party.

My trauma would not let me show up. I was afraid they'd never approved of me, they’ll never believe in me. How do I do this alone? I ask myself is your problem really is that you don't know what you are doing or is your problem is the fact that there is a lack of support and you are in that victimhood asking and begging for people to approve of you

Imposter syndrome it's not the fear of being seen imposter syndrome is the idea that no one hears you, see you, making you feel invisible.

You not showing up on camera is not imposter syndrome it your fear of being seen on video.

if you feel like you are struggling with imposter syndrome you have to go look within to find out the pattern and figure out when did that trauma happen that make me feel less than, that take away your worthiness, that make you feel like you have to work 25 them harder than anybody else to be heard or to be show up authentically.

you have to understand your bullies are not the one you are doing this for.

imposter syndrome is not visibility fear, imposter syndrome is definitely not having enough knowledge. Imposter Syndrome has everything to do with the trauma that you have survived in your life and you have yet to heal that part of you when you realize that whatever you are doing you doing for the people waiting on you to help them then you can set yourself free all

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