How To Reprogram Your Mind For Wealth Step By Step

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

No one was born to be broke, or suffer for this matter. But there is one thing about human that is fascinating: We only learn through pain. Which is way most rag to riches story started. I had it all then lost it all.

Why do we lost wealth? You would thing that is it is common knowledge that money does not grow without spirituality and practicality. Yes, I go there because another analysis of the wealthy they say and I quote I meditate.

Why do they do so? Perhaps it is because they want to stay connected with what they have, appreciate it and of course learn to keep it.

This is what the wealthy know about creating and maintain wealth that know and no one thought you in school or at home. Practically to have wealth you must learn to plant, water it, grow, it and harvest it. and spiritually you know how to on the same frequency to not messed up the flow in the physical realm.

The wealthy learn to master the inner and the outer frequency that the matter of money raised. yes, I said matter because money is matter because you can count it, add it up, and multiply it.

So if your goal is to acquire wealth that is long lasting you must first develop and acquire inner money wisdom as describe below.

1) Awareness

You need to be aware of your limiting thoughts and what trigger those thoughts

2) Declutter your mind

Now that you know what your limitations are make a game plan to change them one by one

3) Control your thoughts

Only let into your mind thoughts that serve you. Anything else let that ish go

4) Gratitude

Be thankful for what is to come and what you already have


each time you receive, give or spend, close your eyes and silently thank your money.

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