How To Transmute Your Money Worries Into Money Blessings

Suffering from money worries here is a quick energetic exercise to release your worries.

To clear your worries we need to tap into the universal points where money worries are stored energetically. These universal points are:

  • Behind your knees

  • Your root chakra

In other to turn your worries into blessings we have to use your entire energetic system.

In moment of worries your power is giving into fears, the obvious lack and the unknown. To rectify worries into blessings here what you need to do.

Find the crevice behind your knees. This point point in your body is the universal point for money stress and it corresponds with your root chakra. To release your fears aka worries start by taping behind the knee it does not matter which. Do both :) with your eyes open repeat:

I Am receiving a financial upgrade, I am safe I am provided for with your eyes close tap behind your knees and repeat: I am now receive a financial upgrade. It is my birthright to receive this upgrade, I am safe and provided for.

As you feel the tension in your body releasing you going to focus on your root chakra you going to ground yourself in the energy of receiving all that is great. So seat on the ground, if you can't sit on the ground what you are going to do is sit on the chair and visualize that the energy of mother earth is entering your body.

From that point on feel that energy blossoming in your root chakra and lead it with your breathe inside of your body imagine that it is bringing in much confidence

Then it goes into your sacral chakra which turns into a fire that ignites your passion, gives you the courage to continue on to make your dreams happen

Move the energy into your heart and from that point on you are going to feel your heart with that energy allowing it to distribute to your hands, your feet and everywhere including around your physical body; allow your heart to lead you let your heart releasing your fears, let go, surrender.

In an inhalation move the energy to your throat give yourself permission by stating: I give myself full permission to be Dependable to be independent and to make my dream happen at speed of light.

Inhale again move the energy to your third eye to visualize clearly on wide lens focus what you are creating, the new job, the new business and the money you are earning flowing to you; whatever it is that you want you are going to visualize, make it real and experience it in the NOW

Breathe to move the energy to your crown chakra, release it into the space, see it form into the clients you wants, the desk, the office, the money... then inhale it in then exhale it into the physical realm.

Repeat this exercise daily for at least 7 days.

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