The “Ugly truth” About Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Look , If you are dealing with imposter syndrome aka not feeling good enough to do XYZ... or finding many reasons why you should not be doing what you aim to do there are few things you should know in order to release and ditch this mindset block.

Ingredients, if you have it, will make the difference between fear of being visible and having imposter syndrome which is two different issues. And it will make it simple for you to navigate your emotions, get to the root of the problem and release either anytime it creeps in on you

As an expert that overcomes both impostor syndrome and fear of visibility people often told me “must be nice to have such confidence” to which I answer indeed it is.

But when I was struggling to show up, struggling to make ends meet because my business was failing, no one told me “ must be nice”.

When I spent 2 years figuring it out: Year one I had zero clients, Year two I let people decide what they should pay me to coach them. No one said “Must be nice anything”

I do not remember anyone in particular had encouraging words when I had sleepless nights breastfeeding my son and having my laptop open on my left side to accumulate the skills to get over my imposter syndrome and my visibility fears.

This is what they say:

Auraldie, Success is not all that matters in life, money does NOT give you a happiness besides:

  • All work no pay

  • Your business is a joke

  • No one will pay you

  • you’re not good enough to do this

  • Be realistic

  • Money mindset healing B.S.

  • Choose stability over entrepreneurship

  • You’ll never make anything of myself

Now those are the same people complaining to me how unfulfilled they are burned out and hating their jobs. They do not remember the last time they had fun and they are not stable in their finances.

Marvelous people that overcome imposter syndrome knows two things to be true

-You are not an imposter because you are shy or don’t know enough about a subject.

-You cannot release it by just being visible

Imposter syndrome is the hardest money blocks to get over, yet; it is like a switch you can flip when you learn these seven things:

  1. Why you feel like an imposter and how to fix that

  2. How to be content with what you know and bank with it

  3. How to stop comparing yourself to others to accept who you are fully

  4. How to quit self-sabotage

  5. How to find confidence to put yourself out there

  6. How to not fake it but make it

  7. How to step into worthiness to let go of the shame and the guilt of becoming who you are met to be

I created a 50 minutes virtual class for you to teach you these 7 principles so you can effectively release your imposter syndrome to start living in your greatness and reclaim your sovereignty.

That is not all. I also take you into a Light-hypnotherapy healing session to help you remove imposter syndrome on a subconscious level.

You can watch full video here....


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