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In this Newsletter I get real transparent with my money story to help you understand your own money mindset, reprogram your money mindset and get good with money!

Welcome To The Get Good With Money Newsletter Blog style edition!

Hey, hey, Hey!!!!

How good are you at Making money?

This past few weeks I got a scare with money.... Money had left me stranded and gasping for air.

Every time I looked at where I am not and for me not to have a $1000 in my bank to take care of a silly bill I cringed.

I mean, I made multiple six figure, I always know how to work and exactly what to do make money so why do I get complacent.

Basically not even having to pay for high class prenatal care, delivery, and post-partum care should bring me here. That in itself will be me not taking responsibility for my foolishness and not being accountable for my actions

So did I get here?


I relied on my husband to take of the household bills. While I do three things in my business. Invest in his business, invest in insurance and investing, and well pay my personal bills.

It happened this month; my biggest fear: I cannot pay rent this month. I had just finished paying my own bills and since I did not enrolled any new clients while I was pregnant... I had no more money to pay my rent...

Why am I telling you this?

I am so that you learn to water your own grass! and this is what that means: do not forget to invest time, money, and energy into yourself!

The lesson for me here isn't about blaming him nor blaming myself; it is about learning to hold my own and have my back in all areas. Yes it is amazing to let the man be the man and provide.

It is awesome that you are allowed to flow in your divine feminine and not worried about bills

But what is the most divine of it all is learning how to ADULT. Being responsible to care care of yourself fully emotionally and financially that everything else is received at the upmost graceful place of gratitude rather than if it doesn't make it happened then it doesn't.

Okay I been rude, some of you are new to me and don't even know who I am: let's change that now


My name is Auraldie Julien and I am the Founder and The Money Mindset healing Academy, the Activate Method Auraldie Julien Coaching... I will not bore you with the petty details of how I get here but soon in each newsletter you are going to get to get to know me better.

My mission is to raise the planet's wealth consciousness and normalizing every average joe being rich, wealthy, and successful. I let you define what rich, wealthy, and successful means to you as for me it is financial freedom!

In my business I help entrepreneurs create transformational businesses and coaching programs via my certification program The Prosperous Conscious Entrepreneur. and we are currently enrolling

Did I redeem myself?

Either way it is about understand what you do with your money when it is around. It about knowing your personal relationship with money and how you feel about investing this money for your highest good.

As for the rent, I manifested it in Three Days using my 40 minutes Quantum Money Flow Breathwork Activation if you want to give it a go here for $11

And remember you are not your money situation no matter what it looks like now.



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