Tired Of Attracting Difficult Clients That Burn You Out Do This

Often when we are out of balance in our life we bring it to our business. It is so because both your personal energy and your business energy intertwine to create a vibration for your business. This is energy healing jargon let me explain. When you feel like shit in your personal life and you are not aware that you feel like so you will transmit that energy into everything else you do in your business.

When that happen the only to reset your energy is to create alignment that bridge your personal life and your business. No I am not talking about a client alignment method. That is another lesson for another day for now let's focus on Inner alignment reset.

Inner alignment reset is the idea that you are going to create your fate using my three steps process. Now if you are booking people just because you are afraid you ain't gonna make your bills then you are operating on fears aka ego.

You must get your ego in check and I am not talking about killing your ego. I am saying it is time to call ego in for an honest conversation. This is something we go in depth in, in our program.

To realign aka reset you need three major ingredients

1- Intention

You must have clear intentions about what you do and every move you make. Your intention is the driving force of what you are creating, so; develop an awareness of what is going on with you, figure out why it is happening.

2- Decision

You must make a conscious decision to rectify your findings. You cannot be wishy washy or in and out. You must be decisive because the universe only understands clear and concise decisions.

3- Detachment

You must know how to surrender and let God co create with you and allow infinite intelligent to lead. You do not have to control how it is going to happen. Take inspired actions, and stop being obsess of how it looks like in your mind.

In the next post I will teach you how to align with the right clients for you.

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