Wants, Will Not Make It Happen, Ask To Receive Instead

It is me again! how are you? before I let you in on this manifestation amplifier. Repeat This: I am a Master Manifestor, the UNIVERSE always conspire to give me what I ask for. now that I got you in a manifesting mindset let me tell you how I manifested my dream craving in 10 minutes. Saturday as part of my self-care routine, I got dolled up and fabulous to go on my usual trip at my local farmer s market. Something about this trip felt different… I arrived and there it was this brand new Christmas stand the smell of pine cones and suddenly I had a craving for enchilada, not just any enchilada, lettuce enchilada, Maybe it is my third-trimester cravings or I just amplify my manifesting game and pass on the torch to you. Either way, I went straight to Mrs. Lawry's stands to go stuff my face.

There was no lettuce enchilada. :(

In my Getty voice and ever-smiling face… Mrs. Lawry? How is my favorite pregnant girl doing? Awesome I said and she handed my son a huge apple and said this one is for you! My son said thank you and she said to me: What is craving today dear, another taco? I smiled and said no; lettuce enchilada! We both smiled and she said we can make it happen.

I was not so sure that I would have my lettuce enchilada… So I said… Ok, I will get the usual produce, apples, avocados, and some juicy oranges, she said of course dear, your bags are already packed and now if you can sit for just 10 minutes I’ll serve you.

I was surprised because my request was not on the menu. She had never served anything but regular enchiladas before.

While waiting, I started to feel like: am I asking for too much? I mean who do I think I am to request off-menu food? She probably thinks I am a total b*tch and I am only doing this because somehow I feel like I own the stand since I have been buying from her for four years? I wanted to run but sit and wait.

10 minutes have passed and Mrs. Lawry came by with a tray of beautiful lettuce enchiladas on rice and refried beans. My jaw dropped and she said you have no idea how happy I am for your request. I have been thinking of adding this to my menu because I love it and no one ever asked. It is like you make my day!

I got up and hugged her tightly and said deck the halls, that is just fabulous you should go for it and she said you think so, I know so I replied. That was the best enchiladas I had. The crunch of the butter lettuce and the shredded chicken and cheese was all the fizz my taste buds needed. I got up to pay for the meal and she looked at me and said: This one is on the house

Thank you, Mrs. Lawry! I'll see you next week… you bet!

As I walked away it hit me…

The power of creation and manifestation goes hand in hand. There were no lettuce enchiladas until I requested. That goes to show there is a supply for every demand and whether or not you receive your demand depends on your ability to receive what you ask for. Cheers to your Abundance, Auraldie

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