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Are You Ready To Quantum Jump Into Abundance?

I will not sugarcoat it,  so here it is pumpkin pie...… raw, real, and uncut.... 

 You know you can achieve greatness, You know that you were never met to hide, you know your light shine brighter than the moonlight and the stars. Life is difficult for you. It seems like life is passing you by and you are the only one that doesn't get a piece of the heavenly cake. 

Right now you living in a financial mess. Your business is failing, your friends are saying I told you so,  and you are in a cycle of over giving and underearning. You do not go for the career you desire, you cannot voice the written fees you know you are worth, you are caught up into: will they believe me, will they trust me, can I really do this, I do not know enough,  playing small because you want everyone to be able to afford your services,  and you are using your talent for a side gig that is barely getting you by.

You want Abundance, you want freedom, You want that lifestyle because you know you were not meant to be cage into anyone's box but your own, You Are Creatrix and You know you are rich and wealthy but don't know how to access your birthright of abundance yet....

I mean you started this journey to be in flow, live your sovereignty, create more cash flow in turn to have more abundance but it seems like right now there is a small issue....

You are caught up in a 


M. as of money is hard to come by, no matter                how  hard you work you still do not have a lot            of money.
E. As an ever have I ever have enough money to         do what matters to me, the harder I work the           less I have.
S. As an you feel like your financial situation is a           death prison sentence
S. As an accepting success is not met for you. 
This is What I Am Here To Teach You

Hi, my name is Auraldie Julien...

I know this struggle all too well. Three years ago I was at this same spot and I am still up-leveling from there. I based my narrative on what they think or how they will perceive me. As a result, I allowed people to pay me whatever they want. I was crumbling under pressure, no one was in my corner but me. I had forgetten that I had built a homecare business fresh out of college and I also forget those same people told me that I was wasting my degrees cleaning rich people's behind... Now I look at it... Of course, they can't support me because we came from the same place and I dared to evolve, and I dare to live my dream at all cost...

I was desperate... Coaching was not working for me, I watch my peer excel while I was on the sideline... it looks easy for everyone but me... 

The real problem was: my money wounds... when I realized I was leading with my oozing,  bleeding fears, and traumas...

Despite my certifications in NLP, Shamanism Initiation, and 3rd Degree master I did not feel capable or have any knowledge. I went on to get several more certifications, still, that did not give me any more confidence to pursue anything. I was Stuck as an:

 knowledge overload and have no idea what to do next


I took a step back... I went on to unpack my money beliefs and my traumas, lay them all on the table, Ditch them using IDEAAL FLOW for 90 days and this is what happened...

I did it in 92 days!!!. I knew it was not by luck that I get things done. I knew it was not by chance and I also see the greatness I was allowing people and including myself to trash... What I learn is:

Business Will not Fall into place until the mental and emotional baggage's are clear.

You are not average... and I have helped many people who thought they are average into excellence... Turn their impossible into possible... and most importantly rise back into their sovereignty to reclaim their birthright of abundance... 

Abundance is your Birthright! Claim it now, not tomorrow, Now and when you do it now you will be like Marsy, Sam, and Joe... and so many more......

Marble Surface

Marsy C. Spiritual Relationship Coach

IDAAL FLOW is amazing. While this coaching is not about business mastery, yet I made $30,000  in 60 days in my first try. You are one of a kind Auraldie, Thank you! 


Sam P. Fragrance Shop Owner

Where I am from if money is scare, the first thing I think, someone put a spell on me, they play with my business. I am Haitian, for so long, I though people were out to get me, I am not suppose to be successful. Then, I met Auraldie... All that changed... Yes, I was dealing with some ancestors' stuff all that is cleared now and I am earning well above $5,000 USD per month living in Haiti. I never though that was possible. But leave it to the energetic biz genius and assure you.. No matter what your hiccup is, she will find it, treat it and cash will flow. Thank you for all that you do for me Auraldie


Joe Peters. Real Estate Agent

I am so glad we connected. In our initial call we mapped out a 7 figure plan... I have no clue how this would be possible.. You said trust... and we started the healing process. It is not about money... my thoughts and traumas... that was a whole lot... hey I made it... Thank you!

Ready To Claim Your Birthright and your sovereign Throne?

Armor  up   Warrior  Goddesses and Kings!   I am taking you on  ride!!! But first... Let's Breakthrough and Break Free...

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