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Intuitive Prosperity Coach 

Hi, my name is  Auraldie, innate money alchemist, intuitive prosperity coach and mentor,  medium, and healer; however, certified Shaman, Third-degree Reiki Master, Mystic, and NLP.  I help you Rapidly Manifest financial freedom, by being your most authentic self, doing what you love without feeling greedy or guilty for having financial abundance. I am obsessed with luxury and nature, I am a mother, love everything woo plus spirituality, I am deeply passionate about helping you access your financial abundance. I have so much wisdom to share with you. It is your appointed divine timing to accept prosperity as your birthright and unlock your innate soul wealth!


Your Antidote To GET Unstuck, Skyrocket Your Confidence, Cleanse Your Energy, + Activate Wealth Consciousness

Are You Ready to Own Your Skills,  and Align to the six-and-seven-figure version of yourself?

My vision is to deeply support and empower you to materialize your vision of wealth while being your most authentic self and my mission is to hold sacred space for your prosperous expansion and keep you accountable for your vision. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing you thrive! 

I started this business in 2016 in hope of escaping my fear of poverty. My biggest fears were conforming to the corporate world that felt out of place for me which will mean that I live in a cage size office, angry, and bitter--- living in poverty, unable to go on luxury vacations to tickle the Taurus in sun rising Leo in me---and living on this planet without a legacy, not using my purpose to fulfill the mission God send me on earth  for. I was terrified because somehow all three of my fears became my reality which pushed me into three distinct spiritual awakenings bringing to fruition my spiritual gifts of alchemy, Angel Healing, and deep shadow work.

Since then I have helped 88 eager aspiring entrepreneurs turn their biggest money and energetic blocks into their biggest blessing are you next?

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Are you ready to own your gifts, step in your brilliance to own a business that creates massive prosperity in your life?

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Need a safe place to vent and be your weird spiritual self? Join a group of like minded entrepreneurs and feel free being you while releasing blockaged that no longer serve you and your business.

Meet The Leading Energetic Soul Financial Freedom Activist 

Auraldie Julien, through her Signature Coaching Programs,  has helped many open financial portals and gates within themselves that they don't know to exist. Her clients call her the abundance activator because she has this unique ability to activate and awaken the wealth within and help you materialize it without slaving away at a job you hate, burn out in a soul-sucking business, or trade your time for money. She sees you, she keeps you in your highest light and holds space for your wealth to materialize even when you don't believe it yourself. 

She goes to the root cause of your income consistency from there she helps you eliminate all the energetic leaks and help you quantum leap into your Abundance.

Whether you are an entrepreneur that is looking to leap from zero dollars to six figures, or you looking to go from 6-figures to 7 figures


Or you are an entrepreneur that dabbles in a bit of this or that and  can't figure out what the heck you are supposed to be doing with your life but knows that you are met to have more wealth

Tired of having to work several jobs and a side hustle just to be burned out and having inconsistency in your income

know that you have mindset limitations that keep you plateaued in your income

 Or you are able to manifest the small stuff but suck at manifesting the big stuff

She will help you align with your God-given rights of ultimate prosperity and abundance so that you can manifest with ease your income goals big or small.

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Sakile, R.

Auraldie is an Amazing Intuitive & Spiritual Coach!!! I am so appreciative to have her on my Team!! Auraldie takes Healing and Transformation very seriously! She makes sure you have a holistic experience where you are mind, body, spirit aligned when you are finished with a session. She does not do surface work...she dives deep to get the source of dysfunction in your life. She has helped me so much in terms of my Confidence and Requesting Monetarily in Return the Value I give to the world. As healers sometimes we feel like who are we to make a living off something we LOVE and would do for FREE. But every other God Gives talent we do not question receiving Monetary value...our Time, our expertise, our brilliance, our creativity, our physical strength we are okay with receiving our Dues...but not something that impacts all the others. Thank You for helping me see this...Helping me walk in my Power Queen, Confidently and getting to the root of childhood trauma that made me feel less than deserving.

If You Are Ready to Own Your Brilliance, Fall back in love with your business,   Turn Your Biggest Mindset, Money, And Energetic Blocks Into Financial Freedom;  Align Your Soul  With your  Financial Goals To Have more abundance, And You Know That Is Your Birthright To be Financially Free

If you believe, you were not met to suffer financially and you just have a big misunderstanding of how money works and how to manifest a healthy flow of cash in your life, then my friend you are in the right place. 

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