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Welcome to Money Mindset Healing Academy With: Auraldie Julien


Do you feel like no matter what you do your life is a big financial MESS?
M. as of money is hard to come by, no matter how hard you work you still do not have a lot of money.
E. As an ever have I ever have enough money to do what matters to me, the harder I work the less I have.
S. As an you feel like your financial situation is a death prison sentence
S. As an accepting success is not met for you. 
Beloved Darling, You're Ready To claim Your Birthright of Abundance!

 I get it,  no one taught you how to be abundant or wealthy. Heck they teach you stuff like money is the root of all evil, there are more important things in life than money, yet; if you have no money, your world falls apart... and rich people are greedy yikes...

They teach you to work hard and if your hard work aren't paying off work harder because you were not born with a silver spoon in your mouth...  yikes, yikes, and that hurts...

You look in all the right places for wealth, it looks easy for other people meanwhile for you it feels like rolling a giant rock to mount Everest, get at the pic and this rock roll right back and knock you down and out in the process, ouch.... and you get yourself back up...

You try to speak life to your existence, reciting affirmations, you sage yourself down and even clean and balance your chakras.... because you are a money magnet and danm it you do not chase... you attract.....all that is yours is coming to you in divine timing....


You have not REALIZED you are dealing with Four major problems: 

  1. Your money beliefs are out of alignment with the wealth you're seeking
  2. Your are dealing with financial generational curse that affirmations cannot heal on a subconscious level, no matter how you do your affirmations. 
  3. You Do Not feel like you're entirely deserving of wealth and you'll do anything to sabotage your chances, aware or unaware
  4. You have not yet realize your affirmations will not work unless these Three major problems are solved.
This is where Money Mindset healing Academy Comes In

 Money Mindset Healing Academy is the world premiere energy healing school focusing on  healing your money wounds on three levels of the mind: Conscious, Subconscious, and Vibrational.  On each level we focus on removing the underlying issues, heal it, and replace it with what is in alignment with your divine birth right of  wealth including the success you so passionately want. 

Image by Mitchell Luo

About Auraldie Julien

Auraldie a no non-sense innate teacher and healer. She keeps it 100 % real. What you see is what you get. She believes in though love while holding sacred space for your growth and healing. She is feisty and spirits uses her to get you to quit your self-sabotage and get your life on track. If you are not ready to get do the work she is not the teacher, mentor, or coach for you. She takes a lot of pride in her work and knows that when you come to her you are ready to do a 360 in your wealth and life as a whole. She is unfiltered and raw, she does not sugar coat anything  yet,  she is loving. She is there to teach you how to save yourself because only you can save yourself here on earth. Despites being a healer she refer to herself as a GOD-WORKER. Haitian-American, she is a mother and a wife and her burning mission is to teach people to accept wealth as common commodity.  

Her Qualifications

 Auraldie is complete bad ass and unstoppable woman. She is a  Shamanic Money teacher and Healer: Shaman-Mystic initiated into the nine rites of the Munay Ki,  3rd Degree Reiki Master,  a Certified Hypnotherapist. She holds two  bachelors' degree one in business administration and one in health service administration.   

For the past 3 years, she spent time teaching proven world-class  ancient wealth activation techniques to unlock your mind to wealth and financial freedom, through conscious and subconscious and vibrational healing techniques to women and aspiring service purpose driving service-based entrepreneurs, so that they align with their birthright of wealth,  Activate wealth to create a new belief system that help them acquire more wealth,  removing financial generational curse to earn more in their business without sacrificing more time or more energy, provide the best for their family and accept luxury as a common commodity...



Why Enrolling In Money Mindset










What You See is:

The money you do not Have

The Blessings that should be yours

Who stopped it from being yours

The Would Of, Could of, Should of  

The Blame and the Shame in not having

The cover up stories and exaggerations to look good but feels like crap.

What you feel:

like you are a fraud

undeserving of wealth

forsaking by divinity

overworked and underpaid

your struggle has no ending

you are living a constant deja-vu

Afraid to be yourself, because people already fall in love with an image. 

you are cursed

you cannot win


maybe, just maybe you were never born to be more, have more even though you have a deeper knowing that you are more, you worth more. 

What you need is: 

To control your mind to manifest an overflow of abundance fast, regardless if you never had abundance before. To do have that you must  follow: IDEAAL Flow otherwise anything else is just running in a half circle over and over again. 



IDEAL FLOW is the system Auraldie uses to make sure you succeed. In fact this is the exact proven system she uses to go from Financial Mess to financial Bless 

I. : Identify the reason for your financial mess

D.: Destroy it

E.: Evolve in new vibration and consciousness

A.: Align with  Your Birthright of wealth

A.: Activate Your Birthright of wealth

L.: Become Limitless.

Flow:   your Learning How to control your thoughts, programming your mind to achieve what you are seeking in Alignment, in your divine right.



After this Process you will:


Manifesting abundance will be as easy as: Thoughts+ Actions= Manifestation materialize. 

sounds simple right? but you cannot get there without structure and you cannot get there without implementing a specific process. 



Auraldie Practices what she teaches. In 2015 she lost her mother and lost a homecare agency. As a result, she was couch-surfing and gave birth to her son in a sublease room she could hardly afford. After her son's birth, she decided to quit the corporate world and brick-and-mortar business model. Except that she has no clue how to run an online business. So year 1 she failed, she got a job working from home. Year two she decided to let people pay her whatever they pleased. She ended broke and broken. Year Three She took matters into her own hands. That is when she discovers how to use her wealth of knowledge in energy healing to master the heart of money mindset healing. After a whole year of using her system, she was able to acquire her first two clients at the speed of light. Fix her shitty money story, move into her own apartment with her son, and increasing her income monthly while enjoying a 10-hour workweek

She is unlike any healer you will meet. She waist no time and her teaching when implementing does not take a million years to integrate. Do the work get results, her activations start to work immediately. In sessions, if you are resisting she will tell you. In Q+A She will call you out on your B.S.  she will not do the work for you but will teach you how to achieve it successfully. Her Model is If you believe it with blind faith then it is already happening for you and through you. Lastly, she Believes If You Succeed, Than She as Well Succeeds. 

What makes Auraldie UNIQUE

Auraldie is an innate Alchemist of the mind where people see chaos she sees beauty and possibilities.

When people think there is no way out she sees a thousand more open windows, skylights and fire escapes. Where there pain she sees the purpose and the mission. One thing for sure she can recalibrate a mind like it is a touch screen phone. She takes no credit for her divine works. She leads with God and put God and the Angels to work. She is a vessel and she act like one too. She is a teacher and mentor. Expect her to keep it 100% real, Call you on your B.S. But give you divine guidance on how to move through the spiritual laws to create the life you want.  Real Change Starts with her! 

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